5 Tips for Foot Skin Care in Winter

If you meet someone looks great outlook, start from the hairstyle to make-up, clothing, and accessories. You are expecting their lower part of their appearance are also looks great. But what if they have not taken good care of their feet, and the feet do not seem to belong to the same person?

Winter is the time when your feet skin that cannot ignore to take care of. Dry skin, crack heals are mostly formed in Winter when the weather changing, and skin moisturize are essential. Here are tips for taking care of your feet skin in Winter.

Removing rough skin

By maintaining good skin first, we have to removing rough, dry, and chafed skin. It is because it is dead skin on top of your feet. It has no purpose to add moisturizer to dead skin.

Warm bath for soft skin

Prepare warm water in a small tub that fit your feet, then soak your feet for about 10 minutes.
In the meanwhile, you can add some shower gel to cleanse your feet while they are soaking.
Towel dry your feet. Don’t rub them roughly.

Remember not hot water or extreme temperatures that hurt your skin more.

Removing dead skin

While your feet are still damp, rub the heels with a soft pumice stone. Do not use the metal foot scrubbers that are available in the market. Don’t get frenzied while rubbing. The key is to be gentle. Rub until you see some of the rough skin sloughed off.

Foot Scrub

In the process, you can mix sugar with olive oil or few drops of mint or tea tree essential oil.
Then you start to scrub your feet with the mixed oil in a circular motion. The granular sugar will exfoliate your feet ridding it off the dead skin.Olive oil will soften the skin and moisturize it in the process.

Remember to scrub your feet gently, do not scrub too hard trying to take out the dead skin.

Foot Masks

After you remove the dead skin, it is very important to wrap nourishing mask on your feet. As we all have a busy day, we usually do this treatment at night after work. It is better to get nourishing mask with overnight.

For nourishing mask that without overnight included, it is better to keep it on for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Since this mask can be quite messy, it would be better to do this in the bathroom or spread a newspaper on the floor.

Moisturising skin

Before you turn in for the day, make sure you slather a thick coat of petroleum jelly or olive oil or a thick cream on your feet and wear a pair of old socks. If your heels are riddled with deep cracks, you should follow this tip religiously. You can also wrap your feet with gauze tape after moisturizing it. Another way of getting rid of cracked heels is mixing glycerine, lemon juice, and a little sugar together. Apply this concoction on your feet, cover them with socks and leave it on overnight. This will also help lighten ugly scars left by shoe bites.

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