8 Habits to Keep your Feet Baby Soft

Keep your Feet Baby SoftOur feet is used and abused on a daily basis performing various activities like walking, standing, running, and wearing uncomfortable footwear. These are the reasons why they are prone to getting beat up, dry, and callused, which can be painful and embarrassing. Unkempt feet tell a lot about your personal hygiene and health. No wonder you shy away from flaunting your feet when you are in the company of your friends and family. It strips off your charm and makes you feel bad about yourself.

There are many reasons why your feet become dry, tired, and callused some of which are improper foot care, harsh weather conditions, and even nutritional deficiencies. The ill effects of these factors to your feet may worsen if not attended in a timely manner. They will not only become dry but irritated and cracked too. You could only wish that yours are as soft and smooth as a baby’s. Great thing it is never too late to score baby soft, happy feet!

While the skin on our feet is far from that of our face and hands, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need equal attention too. The feet don’t contain as many oil glands as other parts of our body, which is enough reason to come up with best care practices to nurture it.

The Importance of Daily Foot Care

Having a daily foot care regimen besides washing it during bath time is essential in keeping your feet baby soft. We recommend that you keep a nighttime ritual to cleanse and rejuvenate your tired feet. When you do take care of your feet well, you are the first to experience how much it can do for you and you’ll have people envying your gorgeous pair.

Steps in Keeping your Feet Baby Soft

There are numerous ways that you can do to groom your feet so it ends up soft, smooth, and relaxed at the end of each day. Here are some ways:

1. Wear comfortable footwear

This is actually the first step to taking care of your feet appropriately. Instead of subjecting your feet to regular discomfort, try to alternate wearing high heels and flat shoes or sandals. Also, make sure that you only purchase the right size of footwear for your feet with a little room for them to breathe. The heels and toenails are especially prone to being dry and callused so choose footwear that won’t cause back and forth friction or cramp these areas.

2. Use foot powder, cream or deodorant

So, you’re wearing the right footwear. However, it doesn’t mean that your feet will no longer sweat. Obviously, sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable but can also be stinky and embarrassing. Sweat encourages the build-up of germs and the formation of blisters and calluses faster. To avoid having sweaty feet, you should put on foot powder, foot cream or foot deodorant before you wear your shoes. Make sure though that you have washed your feet and air dry them before putting on these foot products. Doing this will also lessen the chances of friction between your feet and your footwear.

3. Wear socks

Coddling your feet with cotton socks is one of the ways that can give you dreamy feet. If you want to do a bit more tender loving care, put petroleum jelly on your feet and cover each with a plastic wrap before you slip on your socks. Make sure your feet are cleansed and dried before doing this. When you repeat this before bedtime, you will notice that your feet are softer and smoother in a matter of few weeks.

4. Trim Regularly

Trimming your toenails regularly will not only keep your feet clean but will also encourage healthy growth of your toenails. Just be careful about removing an ingrown as you can end wounding yourself.

5. Get a pedicure

Going to the spa to have your feet pampered is one good way to reward yourself the caring that you deserve at least once or twice a month. However, after each pedi session, give your feet particularly your toenails enough time to breathe that is have a week without nail polish.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your feet is also essential in keeping it baby soft. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells and work on smoothing the uneven skin tone caused by exposure to sunlight when wearing open sandals. There are many ways you can exfoliate. You can use commercially available foot scrub products or try homemade ones like sea salt and oil, sea salt and honey, white or brown sugar and oil, white or brown sugar and honey, oatmeal and oil, oatmeal and honey, and more! Also, use a pumice stone each time you exfoliate to remove corns and calluses. If you’re afraid that you may hurt your feet, you can just avail foot scrub or foot spa services in your favorite salon.

7. Moisturize

Calluses and other foot problems occur when your feet are extra dry therefore moisturizing is the key. Put some lotion on your feet after you bath in the morning and after you soak your feet at night. You can also use petroleum jelly as a substitute.

8. Massage

Who says only your body gets happy with a massage? Your feet would love it too! You can do this at home every night to soothe your aching feet and aid in better blood circulation, which will make your feet even healthier. Massage your feet when you put on lotion or petroleum jelly. Wrap each in between your hands and use your thumbs to do a circular massage starting at the top of your foot. Massage the tips of your toes all the way up to your ankle. Do the same motion to the bottom of your feet starting from your toes going to your heel. Repeat steps to the other foot. Believe me, regular foot massage can also help you sleep better.

Baby soft feet are definitely achievable. You just have to follow these foot care regimen religiously to see awesome results!

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