8 Reasons You Should Use a High Quality Foot Moisturizer


You cleanse, exfoliate and wash your body, but often forget about your feet.


Yet your feet are one of the most important body parts — they work hard to hold up your whole body and they’re exposed to gross particles on the floor. Because of this, feet easily get dry.


This is unattractive but can also become painful and cause damage to your feet. Dry feet can turn into Athlete’s Foot and cracked heels. Rather than cover up your feet with slippers and socks, try moisturizing your piggies.


Here are 8 reasons why you should use feet moisturizer.

1. Prevent Peeling Feet

Have you ever looked down at your foot and noticed the peeling skin on the bottom of your foot? This looks like big flakes of skin hanging off. Gross, right? But a little feet moisturizer is an amazing remedy for this issue.


Whether you run a 5K or you strut in stilettos, your feet establish a protective barrier when under lots of force. They shed skin to relieve dead skin cells and expose new skin. While this is a great benefit, the process is disgusting.


Help your skin out: moisturize every day. For extra gross peeling, exfoliate and moisturize.

2. Moisturizer Helps Your Toes

You know how you were always told to wash behind your ears?


The same advice applies with feet moisturizing: don’t forget to moisturize your toes!


When you moisturize your feet, it’s easy to only target your dry heels. But your toes are also exposed to bad particles and elements, especially when wearing sandals.


When you moisturize your toes, you’re strengthening the skin.


This will prevent injuries and rough skin. Anti-bacterial moisturizer, such as coconut oil, can prevent fungal infections. Your toes will also feel soft and hydrated.

3. Your Feet Are the Driest Part of Your Body

You think your face and hands are the body parts that need the most moisture — but in reality, it’s your feet.


This is aggravated during different seasons; summer leaves your feet more exposed while cold temperatures in the winter dry your skin.


Your feet sustain the most stress, therefore they sustain the most damage.


Give your feet the classic spa treatment with daily feet moisturizer. Wear socks while walking around your house; this protects your feet and better absorbs the moisturizer.


Your feet also don’t have as many oil glands as the rest of your body. Your body can’t moisturize your feet, so they need an external source of moisture. If not, your feet will become extremely dry.

4. Dryness Can Cause Other Issues

Dry skin is normal. You may experience unpleasant reactions such as itching and burning, but know you’re not alone with dry feet issues. But you should always use feet moisturizer when the dryness gets bad.


If not, this can lead to other foot issues. Some of these are common, such as hangnails on your toes.


Dry feet are a symptom of athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. If you’re prone to bacteria, wear an anti-bacterial and moisturizing feet moisturizer such as coconut oil and wrap your feet with clean socks.

5. Use Different Moisturizer for Different Seasons

The weather changes our skin — some commonly experience dry skin in the cold and oily skin in the heat. During the different seasons, you should change up your feet moisturizing routine.


Most experience the worst dryness and cracking in the winter. Cold weather dries your skin, but you’re also wearing thick socks and large snow boots. All of these factors cause dry skin and the “foot dandruff” caused when your skin peels.


Moisturizing is vital, but use a stronger moisturizer in the winter. Find a moisturizer best for the extremely dry skin.


Your feet may also experience dryness in the heat, but you wear shoes such as sandals that exposes your feet to bacteria.


You cleanse your face with products such as CleaRx to remove acne, so you should cleanse your feet to remove bacteria.


Rather than using a thick moisturizer, use a refreshing soak or mask. This helps cleanse your skin while reinforcing moisture. You can also use a simple moisturizer to keep your feet soft.

6. Dry Skin Is Painful

Dry skin usually causes that annoying itching and burning sensation.


You may not think about these effects and skip the moisture. But if you don’t use feet moisturizer, the consequences can be dire. That itching feeling can develop into painful fissures.


The first cause of any foot infections is dehydrated feet. The risks increase if you have any health issues such as diabetes. Other skin issues, such as eczema, aggravate the dry skin and cause unattractive discoloration.


To prevent any pain, moisturize your feet daily. If not, your dry skin will become painful. Moisturizing will also prevent cracking on your heels.

7. Feet Become Dry with Age

As you get older, you may notice your feet are getting drier. You may also be more prone to cracking and calluses. This is normal; as you age, your body doesn’t produce as many oils as it did before, resulting in dry skin.


As you get older, feet moisturizer becomes more important than ever. To prevent extreme dryness, moisturize daily.

8. Feet Moisturizer Isn’t Expensive

When thinking of foot care, you probably think of a spa pedicure. A pedicure gives you soft and exfoliated feet, but these are techniques you can do at home.


There are over-the-counter products that treat dry feet, even cracked heels. Find anti-bacterial moisturizer to fight Athlete’s foot. You can also stick to natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil.

Never Suffer from Dry Feet Again

Dry feet are a common ailment. Several people experience dry feet as they age. Others are more prone to dry feet due to health and skin conditions. No matter what kind of skin you have, feet moisturizer is important for everyone.


Don’t wait for your next pedicure. Moisturize to prevent cracked heels. Moisturize daily for best results.


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