8 Ways to Keep Your Hands and Feet Nice and Healthy

Our hands and feet are the most used and abused parts of our body. This is the reason why they often get dry and achy. Come to think of it, we use our hands a lot every single day when we work, study, or play. Likewise, our feet carry our entire weight and take us to our destination. We can’t simply hide them inside mittens and boots and ignore their call for attention. After all, when we do take care of them properly, we are the first to reap the maximum benefits that we can get out of them.

There are numerous times we subject our hands and feet to too much work. Excessive writing, typing, and other repetitive movements numb and tire our hands. Wearing ill-fitted shoes, walking long distances, prolonged standing, and more, on the other hand, put our feet in extreme discomfort. No wonder at the end of each day, our hands and feet feel really exhausted.

There are lots of things we can do to make sure that our hands and feet are well-tended on a daily basis.Feet Nice and Healthy

Tips to Keep the Hands and Feet Healthy

1. Check for Dark Spots

Now, this could be something you’re not doing but you should especially after knowing what unusual spots could signal.

It is recommended that you check your fingernails and toenails regularly for discoloration. A brown, purple, or black color may suggest a bruise but not all the time. Surprisingly, it can be a signal of a skin cancer called melanoma. Yes, you can develop skin cancer in your cuticle area. People who have melanoma normally detect the cancer at an advance stage because they aren’t aware that skin cancer can take place in their cuticles too. So, the next time you notice for nail discoloration, have your dermatologist check it right away.

2. Cleanse Daily

Daily cleansing is important to keep your hands and feet smooth, healthy, and performing its best. It is not enough to just take a bath daily. Instead, you should have a hand and foot cleansing ritual before bedtime. You can use your preferred soap to wash them thoroughly and soak them in lukewarm water. Afterwards, you can do the next two steps – exfoliating and moisturizing.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation means stripping the dead skin cells off your hands and feet using products that gently scrub your skin. If you don’t prefer commercially available products, you can resort to ingredients found in the kitchen like sea salt and honey, sea salt and oil or substitute sea salt with white or brown sugar. Depending on your choice of exfoliating product, rub your hands and feet gently so as not to hurt your skin and rinse off with tap water. Don’t exfoliate excessively. It is best to do this weekly.

4. Moisturize

Once done exfoliating, it’s time to hydrate your hands and feet through moisturizing. You can use your favorite moisturizer that is specifically made for the hands and feet or you can simply use petroleum jelly. When you have already applied enough amount of moisturizer, you can wear socks to seal in moisture throughout the night especially if you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room, which will tend to dry your skin.

5. Massage

This is something you can do yourself or you can avail at the spa for convenience. Your hands and feet will thank you big time when you do this regimen, better if nightly. You may want to start with your feet first and your hands next.

First, choose what you desire to use in massaging your hands and feet – oil, cocoa butter, lotion, powder, or foot cream. Next, rub a small amount of your chosen medium on one foot as you hold it firmly with both hands. Massage it gently with your two thumbs in a circular motion beginning at the top of your foot. Start your stroke at the tips of your toes towards your ankle and then going back to your toes again. After a few minutes, do the same to the bottom of your foot. Begin at the tips of your toes and then work your way up to your heel. Repeat these steps on the other foot.

To massage your hands, smooth out a small amount of your chosen massage medium. Start with your palm. Massage it with your thumb in a circular motion working to the sides, to your fingers, and lastly to your wrist. Repeat these to the top of your hand. Do the same to the other hand. You will immediately feel relaxed after doing or having a hand and foot massage. Believe me, you will also sleep faster and better.

6. Get a mani-pedi

Maintaining properly-trimmed and well-groomed hands and feet says a lot about your personal hygiene especially in the case of women. You can have a mani-pedi yourself or go to the salon to have nail technicians do it for you. However, if you opt for colored nail polish, don’t overdo it. Give your nails 1-2 weeks rest before getting another color. When we say rest, we mean not putting on any nail polish even a colorless one just so your nails can breathe. During these no-nail-polish days, you can still regularly remove the cuticles at home.

7. Wear sunscreen

Most of us think that sunscreen is only for the face, back, legs, and arms so we often forget putting some on our feet. Our feet get sun-burnt especially if we walk barefoot on the sand or we usually wear open sandals. To prevent sunburns and tan lines, rub ample amount of sunscreen with at least SPF 30 each time you go outdoors.

8. Take supplements

There are cases when the fingernails and toenails grow slow, brittle or yellowish. This is a signal that you lack specific minerals like zinc and calcium which help promote the growth of healthy nails. You can take the B complex biotin as a supplement or better yet ask your doctor for prescription.

In A Nutshell

When you take care of the most hardworking parts of your body properly, you get awesome benefits as they tend to love you back. By maintaining well hand and foot regimen and keeping a calcium-rich diet, you can easily achieve smoother, younger-looking, softer, and healthier hands and feet.

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