Best Foot Cream for Calluses That are Great for Feet

Having skin as soft as a baby’s butt is everyone’s dream; well at least for 90% of people, a higher percentage being females. Good, healthy and soft skin is a great deal in boosting self-image, confidence and esteem. It is essential to be comfortable in your own skin, so as to embrace every other aspect of your daily life.

This must be the very same reason selected animals without blemish were offered as sacrifices a long time ago which means that the general perspective was that lack of blemish served as a mark for perfection. As humans we cannot deny the fact that we strive for some level of perfection on a personal level.

Calluses however, can be a big problem to attaining that perfection since it can rob us of beautiful feet which therefore necessitates us to get the best foot cream for calluses in order to have great feet constantly.foot cream for calluses

Why Calluses Come About on Your Feet

Calluses may be that one mark of blemish that keeps us from the perfection mark. Calluses are areas of thickened, hard skin surfaces that form on the skin. Calluses are rough in nature and usually yellow in colour. This should paint a vivid grotesque picture of what the condition looks like. They form on surfaces of the feet, the heels of the feet or just under the ball of the feet. They also appear on the palms of the hand and knuckles. Let us shift our focus on the feet area however as they are the most common areas. Friction is the main cause of calluses. On the feet friction comes about when the surfaces of your feet rub against your shoes or the ground. Walking barefoot escalates and increases your chances of getting these bumps on your feet. Dry skin is the 100% probable cause of rough rubbing against your shoes.

Calluses have no proper defined shape making them as ugly as possible to look at. The good news is; you do not feel any physical pain at any instance due to the thickness of calluses. The thick background forms insulation against pain, but we cannot deny the mental. Calluses can be uncomfortable enough to prevent you from wearing open shoes. You do not want everyone looking, pointing fingers and commenting on that one mark, so you hide inside (quite literally) closed flat shoes, or heeled, but closed.

There is a vast array of solutions to removing calluses, some are DIYs (do it yourself) some are doctor affiliated. The use of metal blades or electric files or pumice stones to scrub off the rough surface is one approach. Problem with this is it may get painful as the process ensues. The results are also not immediate and you have to carry on relentlessly and with a lot of patience. There are foot creams in the market that are the other approach to these foot bumps. It is important to get the best foot cream for calluses as early as possible to prevent any possible further damages.

Effective Foot Cream for Calluses

Getting the best foot cream for calluses in the market will help get rid of calluses in a considerably slow but sure way without any possible irritation or further damage to your feet. Calluses creams are to be rubbed on the bumpy surface as a beginning point. Depending on the type or the brand that you get, you will get instructions on the amount of time to leave it on. The best foot cream for calluses depends on a number of factors and cannot be used as a collective umbrella term.

Different skin types will go for different foot creams. Sensitivity of the skin is another factor to consider. How thick and how vastly expanded your calluses are will lead you to a type of foot cream. Thin bumps and thick bumps cannot be possibly treated under the same category. Some of the renowned foot creams for calluses that are known for their work are discussed in detail below.

Callus and dry heel elimination bundles falls among the best foot creams for calluses. Given the gentleness it has on the skin and the soft soothing end product makes it among the top products to consider. This brand goes as far as sealing cracks on your feet and keeping it as hydrated as possible. It feels like killing a couple of birds with one stone.

EmuBliss is a naturally effective callus foot cream. It has the ability to soften your feet and keep it hydrated so there is no friction due to dry skin. It takes the responsibility of preventing frequent build-up of dead cells and cracking of the feet surfaces. EmuBliss works for diabetes patients. It prevents any possible sores or any infection that could potentially form. It is also purely natural with no synthetic ingredients. It is therefore impossible to get any skin irritations or inflammations.

Urea 40 Cream as the name suggests has a high composition of urea. Urea is an important component in softening the dead cells, softening them and eventually getting rid of them. Lipids present in Urea 40 cream strengthen, protect, soften and hydrate the skin giving the feet a smoother feel. This callus cream has a great smell that masks bad smells from feet.


  • Discover your skin type.
  • Explore the sensitivity of your skin and possible allergies.
  • Seek medical opinion on your method of treating your calluses.
  • Look into the position and extent of your callus.
  • Always read the instructions concerning the foot cream you have purchased.
  • Carefully delve deeper into the ingredients used in making the product.
  • Keep your skin as hydrated as possible and avoid damaging surfaces. This is for prevention surfaces.
  • Lastly, monitor your feet progress with all the patience you can master.


Foot creams are the greatest possible inventions to be produced. There are recommendations put up for various products on the shelf, but for all we know, it may be a push for profits by the manufacturers. When choosing the best foot cream for calluses, put massive consideration on your skin type. Always scrutinize the label, better yet, get expert advice. This will lead you to the best one with no irritating ingredients. This is how irritation works, your skin forms red patches and has painful inflammations that are unbearable.

Before purchasing any foot cream for calluses, be sure to keep all the aforementioned factors into play. Read the instructions and ingredients on the package. If you cannot make an informed decision always seek medical or expert advice so that you end up getting the best foot cream for calluses in the market that will not only work effectively but also be worth every dime you spend on it.

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