Dry skin cream for the best skin

The skin is a very important part of our body. It gives a sense of touch, protects the inner organs against infections and is responsible for temperature control. Dry skin is very common especially with changes in the weather and age. It is very likely that even the oiliest of people can at one point have dry skin. It is very uncomfortable and is marked by itching, cracking and scaling. It can occur at any part of your body but commonly affects the legs, arms and abdominal areas. To heal the condition and restore the skin back to being soft and smooth, it is best when you apply a generous amount of dry skin cream on your back, hands, legs and pretty much your whole body and not just the face as many people tend to do.Dry skin cream

Causes of dry skin

There are many factors that cause your skin to dry and they include;

Environments factors; harsh weather conditions- during winter especially, air tends to be chilly and dry hence making your skin bereft of all moisture; this causes your skin to be flaky, scaly and itchy and leave white marks when you scratch. Exposure to ultra-violent sunlight is another environmental factor that causes dry skin.

Age affects the skin as the older you grow the less oil your body produces, medication, inappropriate skin care routine, the diet we take, genetic factors, frequent washing , hot showers and moisture robbing soaps.

Having dry skin not only frustrates but is also uncomfortable and can make one feel less attractive constantly hence we need to use dry skin cream in order to change that. There are people who have dermatitis which is a medical condition where the skin becomes sore, red and swollen resulting from irritation of the skin. The four types of these conditions are AR allergic, atopic, contact and seborrheic and they can only be solved by seen a dermatologist. On the other hand, dry skin can be solved by lifestyle changes such as drinking plenty of water, showering occasionally, and avoiding hot showers. There are creams for dry skin to help with dry skin and it is just a matter of deciding which one is a winner to your skin.

Caring for the skin effectively

We can avoid and also solve dry skin problems in several ways.

Cleansing dry skin on your skin

The skin is mostly dry because of the skin barrier breaking down. It is therefore important and crucial that we use a cleanser that is gentle and one that will not eventually wash away the skin natural protective barrier. Most dry skin cream have these cleansing elements that do that job very effectively and are highly recommended

Moisturizing dry body skin

This is a very important process if you want to have soft skin. The older you grow the less oil your body produces and this requires you to apply body cream constantly to give your skin moisture. Dry rough skin is caused by deficiency of skin lipids and lack of moisture or poor moisture distribution in the lower layers of the skin leading to a dehydrated stratum.

Using body dry skin cream helps a lot with moisturizing and it is prudent to look for a body cream that suits your specific needs. Some of the body creams and lotion that effectively do this job include;

  • Garnier body cocoon intense moisture lotion- this is specifically for dry skin and it heals flaky, dry and rough skin and makes the skin moisturized and tighter
  • Vaseline intensive rescue moisture locking body butter- this has gorgeous body butter texture and does a great job on dry skin.
  • Oriflame nourishing body cream extra dry skin- this is a great moisturizer that is ideally made to tone and nourish its cosmetic brand. After using it, it heals and repairs dry skin within few days.
  • Dove pro-age rich body butter- this cream is one of the best in the market as it nourishes the skin hence making it very smooth when used for a while. It will make your skin, brighter, firmer and younger looking and you will not fail to fall in love with it.


When using body cream for dry skin it is also important to factor in what causes the skin to dry in the first place and try avoiding them.

  • Reduce the time spent in hot shower
  • Wear only clothes that are made from natural materials
  • Avoid dry air by spending less time outdoors in bot cold and hot weather


  • Use mostly natural body cream products- this work very effectively and do not have side effects at all. Also, always use the body creams that have no perfumes and colorants
  • Apply a gentle amount of body cream to your body- do this religiously and concentrate on all parts of your body
  • Use gloves every time you are washing dishes to avoid strong detergents and also hot water. This will protect your skin from getting dry
  • Drink plenty of water- using body cream is effective but in order for you to maintain your smooth or soft skin then drinking water frequently is highly recommended


Dry skin has become a major concern and it is no secret that majority of us are struggling to avoid or get rid it constantly. Using dry skin cream has not only in many instances proved to be effective but it is very cheap and arguably one of the best ways to maintain soft and smooth skin. Dermatologists have occasionally referred clients to body creams and this means that they can be trusted to make our skin better. It is best to know your skin type, since we are not the same; different products work differently for each individual. There are people who have dry skin naturally and there are those that have very oily skin. Knowing your skin type will go a long way in helping you decide which body cream is best for you. Using dry skin cream will finally restore your confidence and you can be able to dress up how you want without having to necessarily hide some parts of your body due to the embarrassment that comes with dry skin.

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