Foot Heel Pain and How to Take Care of it in Natural Ways

The feet are one of the hardcore working machineries in our body. They are the ones that carry us from one place to another. That’s why when you experience a heel pain, it can be a bit of a bother. When your heels are not working normally, things tend to get so frustrating. You can’t just take it lightly when your heels are in pain and you simply can’t walk comfortably. This condition is common among every age. It happens when there is presence of pain under the plantar fasciitis in the feet or the Archilles tendinitis. In a layman’s words it is a pain that is present in the soles of the feet and it commonly happens when there is swelling in the area. In teenagers, heel bumps are the main cause of heel pain. When this condition is taken for granted, it might worsen and become disabling. Normally this condition disappears on its own but there are some instances when the painful sensation may continue and end up chronic or long-term. This foot condition is not serious and a health threat, though, because it can be treated and managed. There are a number of interventions that you can do in order to get rid of this problem. Below is a discussion where you can learn tips on how to naturally take care of foot heel pain. These tips can be done easily.Foot Heel Pain

1. Apply an ice pack.

Applying an ice pack on the affected area is important in order to minimize the swelling, inflammation, and the general pain. Do this method for about five to ten minutes. Just a precaution though, do not apply ice directly on your skin. Instead, do it by wrapping the ice in a towel. If you have an ice pack, it is much more preferable to use.

2. Take over-the-counter medications that relieve pain.

Examples of these OTCs meds are acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

3. Do some exercising and stretching on your feet.

These are important in order to stretch out the plantar fascia, making you feel less pain. Exercises also help you improve flexibility on the affected area. In addition, they also help improve your balance and stability. The following are great stretching exercise that help you remedy heel pain:

  • Wall Stretching – Doing this requires you to place both of your hands on a wall at a shoulder height while one of your feet is in front of the other. The front should be a little bit away from the wall. With your back leg straight and your front knee bent, lean towards the wall. When you feel a tightening in the calf muscles on the back of your leg, relax. Repeat this exercise ten times and the switch the legs and repeat again. This exercise ideally should be performed at least twice a day to improve your foot‚Äôs flexibility.
  • Stair stretching: Like wall stretching, stair stretching is easily one of the best exercises to cure heel pain and improve stability. What you need to do to perform this is to stand on a step of your stairs while you are facing upstairs. Use the banister to support yourself. With your feet slightly apart, your heels should also hand off the back of the step. Then lower your heels until you can feel a tightening in your calves. For about 40 seconds, hold the position and then raise your heels back to the starting position. You should repeat these steps at least two times a day.
  • Towel stretching: What you need to do is use a towel. Keep it beside your bed. When you wake up, loop the towel around your foot and use it to pull your toes toward your body. You should do this while your knees are kept straight. Repeat this method three times on each foot. This exercise, also gives your heel comfort.
  • Chair Stretches: To be able to relax your feet, this exercise should ideally be performed. What you need to do is sit on a chair while your knees are well-bent. Turn your feet sideways and make sure that your heels are touching and your toes are pointing in opposite directions. Then lift the toe with a heel pain upwards, making sure that the heel is firmly kept on the floor. While doing this, you should feel your Achilles tendon and calf muscles tightening. Keep this position still for about seconds and then relax. This exercise should be repeated at least ten times and should be done at least five to six times each day.

4. Rest your feet as much as possible.

Keeping your feet well-rested helps a lot. Give a few days of staying your feet off as much as possible when you experience pain on your heels to make the healing process completely working. Avoid walking long distances and even standing for a longer period of time as these situations may worsen the pain.

Adjust your shoes with inserts that helps raise your heel and supports your foot’s arch.

5. Keep yourself away from uneven walking surfaces.

Walking from uneven walking surfaces otherwise doesn’t help you manage your situation.

6. Choose proper footwear.

To make sure that you are wearing the right shoes that will give you comfort and encourage healing on your heel pain, ask for your physician’s advice on what kind of footwear to use. Avoid wearing flat-soled shoes. These kinds of shoes do not offer support on your heel. They could even encourage more pain. For women, wearing high heels may provide a little bit of comfort. And for men, the shoes that do it are heeled boots. However, while these shoes reduce pain and pressure on the heels, they may not be suitable for long-term use since they can lead to further heel pain. Always ask for your physician’s advice regarding this.

How to naturally take care of foot heel pain steps should be followed so as to completely treat the pain on the heel. Do these tips and apply them and you will certainly see and feel some improvements.

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