Gold Bond Softening Cream Count Review – The Best Solution for your Rough Calloused Feet

Keeping your feet in tiptop shape requires more than just buying the best nail polish color. It is important that you give your soles a regular dose of TLC with the right foot cream. Massaging your feet with creams and balms reduces pains and aches and treats severe dry skin – which makes the feet look smoother and feel softer. Find a foot care products that contains hydrating ingredients like jojoba, urea, macadamia oils and shea butter that will penetrate deeper into the skin. Gold Bond Softening Cream Count is a foot powder that is recommended to provide the smoothness that you want.

Gold Bond Softening Cream Count Descriptions

Gold Bond Softening Cream CountGold Bond Softening Cream is a specially formulated foot cream that will help repair your cracked and dry soles and heels. It is the perfect foot cream that does not contain harmful irritants like peppermint and menthol. This product is a combination of 7 essential moisturizers, vitamins C, E and A plus shea butter and a unique Silk Peptide Matrix. This foot cream is a powerful cream that penetrates the skin easily for softer, velvety feet. To make sure that it is safe for your skin, it is dermatologically tested. And because it is hypoallergenic even if you have the most sensitive skin you can use the product.

Gold Bond Softening Cream Active Ingredients

Gold Bond contains natural ingredients which make it safe for any type of skin. This softening cream also contains a special ingredient which makes it unique. Some of the main ingredients are as follows:

  • The cream contains Aloe leaf juice that serves as a protective layer and keep the skin moisturized all day long.
  • It also contains shea butter that is rich in vitamins E, F, K and A to provide the skin the needed essential fatty acids to heal cracked and chapped skin.
  • Other ingredients include the fragrance, the alcohol, colorant and others

How it Works?

If you have dry, cracked feet, your primary concern is to treat its physical condition. You forgot about the medical side of it and if left untreated, your dry, cracked feet can lead to deep fissures that are very painful to walk or stand. In severe cases, it may involve infection and bleeding. Gold Bond Softening Cream has 7 penetrating moisturizers that smoothen calloused feet. The cream penetrates the skin fast. It is non-greasy and has a fresh soft scent. The cream forms a productive layer of moisture as it treats your rough, dry cracked feet. The product contains softening moisturizers and three vitamins that repairs even the toughest skin. Its hydralast emollients and humectants attract moisture all day, to provide 24-hour moisturization.

The Benefits of Using Gold Bond Softening Cream

  • The cream serves a protective layer to keep the moisture
  • The cream is safe even for sensitive skin because it is Dermatologically tested
  • Gold Bond Cream is Hypoallergenic thus it is safe to any type of skin.
  • It is non-greasy and non-irritating when applied to skin
  • The effect is immediate because it penetrates the skin fast
  • The cream softens rough calloused feet
  • It provides a long lasting effect

Downside of the Product

There is only little issue that some people may feel this product too creamy but it is common because it contains moisturizing ingredients  and good for your skin

Reviews from Previous Gold Bond Softening Cream Users

One user who has toxic neuropathy uses this product to keep his sole from splitting or cracking due to dryness. This helps softens his callouses and aids in the loss of feeling. Although some might be not as satisfied as other users, as a whole the product is recommended by most users.

Who Can Use the Product?

The product is intended for those with severe cases of cracking and dry soles. It is also made to deal with hard callouses. Apply the cream generously on the affected area as often as needed. For extremely dry, ashy, rough or problematic skin you can reapply it as often as you want to speed up the healing and increase the degree of moisturization.

Special Precautions

The product should not be taken orally. Keep it in a safe place away from reach of the children. Avoid contact with your eyes. Seek medical help right away if swallowed accidentally.

Alternative Products

Some of the alternative products available in the market also contain natural ingredients to heal chapped and dry skin. However, Gold Bond Softening Cream contains a good amount Shea butter that is very helpful in keeping your soles and heels moisturized and healthy. You can purchase the product online, but, you will have to pay for the delivery cost and it varies depending on your location.


The Gold Bond Softening Foot Cream has a thick consistency like that of petroleum jelly or sometimes bit thicker. The stickiness or greasiness is due to its shea butter content. For those who are suffering from exposed and chapped skin this product is highly recommended. The price is likewise very competitive as compared to other products available. Some foot product may have a strong smell but this one has no smell at all. Its moisturization property is excellent. The consistency is also commendable thus it penetrate the skin easily. Is it worth your money? Definitely yes, the product is highly recommended.

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