Head to Toe Treatments: The Best Treatments for Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

When your hair, skin, and nails are right, you can go about your day feeling like you own the world. But what about when your hair has split ends, your nails keep chipping and your skin feels like a cheese grater? That can clearly do a number on your self-esteem.


Your hair, skin, and nails need to be treated with care. But guess what — your care and treatment regimen doesn’t have to be complicated.


We’ve compiled a guide on the best vitamins and treatments for helping you to feel and look great from head to toe.


Let’s dig in!

Keratin Helps Your Hair, Skin and Nails

This is a vital protein — particularly Cynatine — to consume if you want your hair, nails and skin to be in tip-top shape naturally.


Keratin supplements can help you to make sure that you are getting enough of this protein to support your body’s growth cycles and stay healthy from the crowns of your head to the soles of your feet.


While we’re on the subject of supplements, here’s another must-have to your shopping list. Oral supplements of biotin are a top choice when it comes to promoting hair, nail and skin growth naturally.


Biotin, a part of the vitamin B family, helps your body to properly break down and distribute fatty acids as well as enzymes. It also plays a critical role in your body’s processing of glucose.


When you take biotin, you’re essentially helping your body to perform the functions necessary for your hair, nails and skin to remain healthy day in and day out.

Vitamin E

Your skin, hair and nails can also benefit from either an oral supplement or a topical application of vitamin E, which is known to boost your outward appearance and health.


If you prefer the topical version, be sure to rub it onto the cuticles for around five minutes each night before you hit the sack. Do this for a couple of weeks and your nails will be noticeably stronger, grow faster and look smoother.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to taming your mane, apple cider vinegar couldn’t be a better tool to have in your arsenal.


This type of vinegar can easily remove the buildup of product in your hair. You can simply create your own rinse by combining one part water with one part vinegar. Then, pour this mixture onto your hair after you’ve shampooed and conditioned it.


Leave the natural solution on your hair, and allow your hair to dry. Then, rinse it out the next time you shower. And voila — your hair will look and feel brand new.

Coconut Oil

Looking for another way to boost your hair health? You can’t go wrong with coconut oil.


Just heat the oil and apply it to the scalp, massaging your pores with it as you pour it. Then, put the remainder of the oil on your hair. Next, wrap your hair in a towel that has been warmed up.


Finally, leave the oil in your hair for around an hour before rinsing it out. Alternatively, you could leave the oil in overnight. Just make sure that you rest your head on a few towel layers to keep your pillow from becoming stained.

Olive Oil

This is yet another oil product to have on hand for optimal hair health. It’s been in use for thousands of years and is still going strong on the personal care front.


Because olive oil contains many emollients, it can soften your hair with ease. Just massage the oil into the hair, and leave it in for around 15 minutes.


Next, shampoo your hair vigorously to get all of the oil out. Your hair will take on a whole new, healthier look in no time.


Olive oil can also do wonders for your skin — an added bonus.


Yes, you read that correctly. But before you say “yuck,” know that mayo has added shine to many a ‘do time and time again.


Ready to take a chance on this proven remedy? Apply a third of a cup of the white stuff to your hair, and massage it in.


Then, wrap your hair in a shower cap or warm towel, and leave the mayo in for half an hour. Afterward, rinse out the mayo, and shampoo your hair to get rid of any residue.

Omega Fish Oil

This is another product that can benefit your hair, skin and nails.


When it comes to your skin in particular, this oil can help with skin issues such as inflammation and acne. It’ll take several weeks to start noticing a change but trust us: You will notice a major difference.

Laser Therapy Technology for the Hair

Going back to your hair, you might want to consider laser therapy technology designed to stimulate hair growth if you’re dealing with thinning hair.


For instance, the Capillus is a battery-operated wearable device that is proven to restore hair and prevent hair loss from progressing.


It’s yet another convenient treatment option that can keep your hair going strong in the years ahead.


Want to know a not-so-secret secret? One of the best tools you can use to keep your hair, skin and nails in check is good old-fashioned water.


That’s right. H2O.


If you’re like most people, you don’t consume nearly enough water, even though you know you should.


When it comes to your skin specifically, water is key to achieving a fresh, youthful glow.


Why? Because it clears toxins away from your skin, keeping it hydrated and plump. Plus, it helps to keep unsightly spots away.


Water also keeps your hair from drying out, and it furthermore strengthens both your hair’s and your nails’ cuticles.


The moral of the story? You truly can’t live without water if you want to look good from head to toe.

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