How to Have Healthy Feet This Winter: Best Tips for Foot Care

healthy-feet-tips-diabetes-open-cutsWinter is one of the loveliest seasons in the year. It is a season where everything is cool and wonderful to the eyes. It is also a season where you get to spend your holidays with your friends and loved ones, particularly doing snowboarding. To some people, however, winter is also one of the uncomfortable ones, especially for people with foot health issues. People who are not used to wearing closed shoes swear that winter is a pain in the neck.

Being forced to wear boots and not sandals can really be a problem. When these things happen, a person may develop heel pain, blisters, abrasions, and several other foot conditions. In addition, this season may also cause a person’s feet to crack and the edges of the feet to become dead. That’s why in order to aid these problems, you have to learn the best tips for foot care for this winter. These tips are easy to do and follow. With continuous effort and diligence to follow these tips, you may be able to realize that winter is a beautiful season and a pain-free weather for your feet. You just have to make these steps a habit.

1. Get rid of dead rough skin

If you see dead rough skin on your feet that appears dull and grayish, gently remove it. It is the initial step towards keeping a good skin. Use a moisturizer to do it.

2. Do a warm bath on your feet’s skin

A warm bath will improve your skin’s texture. In fact, it will help smoothen your skin and turn it softer and smoother. To do this, soak your feet using a warm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot because it may damage and burn your skin. You can add a little shower gel in order to cleanse your feet while you are soaking them. Now if you do not have enough time to do the soaking, you can have it done while you are doing your shower. What you just need to do is to soak your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. This method helps get off the rough patches on your skin, making your feet soft. After drying your feet with a towel, rub those using gentle strokes.

3. Provide your feet a foot scrub

Getting your feet scrubbed is very soothing to the sensation. It helps your feet feel relaxed. When doing the scrub, what you need to do is mix a little bit of sugar with olive oil on the water. Sugar helps exfoliate your feet and remove the dead skin. Olive oil, on the other hand, helps soften and moisturize the skin. Ideally, you can also mix a few drops of mint or tea tree oil. These herbal mixtures help aid smelly feet and Athlete’s Foot. When your mixture is ready, start scrubbing your feet using circular motions. Keep in mind not to do it roughly or strongly.

4. Give your feet foot masks

Now that your dead skin is gone, prepare your feet for another pampering. Provide a foot mask. Foot mask is a nourishing coating that keeps your feet well-cared. To do this, what you are required to have is an overripe banana. Make sure that the skin is blacker than any ordinary ones. First, you need to mash the banana together with a lemon’s juice. Then, apply a thick layer of the mask on your feet. Then wrap it with kitchen foil paper. For about ten minutes, keep it on. Eventually, you have to wash it off with a lukewarm water.

5. Moisturize the skin on your feet

Moisturizing the feet helps you heal the cracked heels on your feet. It also lightens up the scars which are left by shoe bites. Before you start your day, make sure that you have done moisturizing your skin. Wearing a pair of old socks, slather a thick coat of petroleum jelly or a thick cream on your feet. You can also wrap your feet with gauze tape after you are done moisturizing your feet. Glycerine is another mixture that helps you heal cracked heels. When you apply Glycerine on your feet, you have to cover your feet with socks and keep them that way overnight. You can do moisturizing after doing your shower, by the way.

6. Massage your feet every once in a while

Apply cream or lotion on your feet when you do a massage. You can find good lotion and massaging cream in the market. Doing a massage makes you feel relaxed. It also eases your stress, tiredness, and tension so pamper your feet once in a while and do this method.

7. Check your shoes’ sizes and make sure that they are the correct sizes for you

It is very important to have your shoes checked for their right sizes. Shoes that are too tight can be uncomfortable and they can even cause blisters on the feet.

8. Care for your toenails

Not only your feet, you also have to pay attention to your toenails. Keep them clean, well-trimmed, short, and straight. Just make sure that they are not too short because they can be a bit uncomfortable, too. When taking care of your toenails, you might also want to apply colored polish on them. This is for the purpose of lifting up your mood and making them look nice.

9. Space your pedicures apart by approximately four to eight weeks

You do not have to undergo series of pedicures each week. Ideally you should do it every four to eight weeks. This will allow your nail polish to better adhere to your nails.

10. Drink a lot of water

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is very important because as a general rule, this can keep your whole body (including your feet) in a good condition.

The best tips for foot care for this winter which are mentioned above are important to keep your feet’s health at bay not only in the winter season but also throughout the year.

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