How to Take Care of Foot Tattoos

Take Care of Foot TattoosTattoos are not created equal, thus the methods of taking care of your tattoo in the foot may not be the same with your tattoo in the back or thigh. There are things that you need to do after having a tattoo.

You should to follow tattoo aftercare that is a set of rules to take care of your foot tattoos. One of the most difficult tattoos to heal is the one done on your foot. Below are some of the things that you need to do after having the tattoo in your foot.

Wearing of Shoes is Off Limits

For the sake of having the tattoo on your foot, you need to do some sacrifices. One is to keep shoes off limits for a couple of weeks. It only means that you should not get your tattoo done in the middle of winter. There are 2 reasons why you should not wear shoes during the healing process of your tattoo – one is that there is friction between the foot and the shoe, which might result to irritation or it might remove some part of the tattoo and faded your tattoo.

Another reason why you should not wear shoes is that it suffocates the tattoo, build up sweat and as a result your tattoo will not be able to breathe. Sweat, lack of air and irritation may lead to the formation of bacteria and it causes infection. If you cannot avoid wearing shoes then it is best not to have the tattoo on your foot. Maybe you can have it during your vacation time.

Healing will depend on the Size of your Tattoo

The pain you will experience after getting tattooed will depend on the size of your tattoo. If you are getting something smaller than the size of a large coin the pain and the healing process is quite easy as long as you keep it dry and clean and you should not wear shoes for two weeks. If you are having a bigger tattoo that occupies a larger part of your foot, then the pain maybe longer and the healing process may take some time.

One Foot or Two Foot

If you intend to have the tattoo on both feet, don’t do them at the same time. Have it first on one foot then let the swelling and pain subside before having getting it done on the other foot. This will save you from the pain.

Dealing with Swelling and Bruises

You might experience swelling and there will be bruises for the first few days. It will not hurt that much on the first day but you will feel the pain and discomfort the next day. Even if you will not feel any pain right after having it, you should go home and place ice on your tattoo right away. Relax and put your foot up. It is not recommended that you apply any ointment on the first day.

Let it calm down.

Wash Your Tattoo

Be gentle when washing your tattoo. Use your hand only, apply a small amount of non-scented mild cleanser in your tattoo and slowly clean your tattoo in a circular motion. Rinse with cool water. You might feel something slimy on the area of the tattoo don’t worry that is plasma. Make sure that you have completely washed it off before rinsing. Continue running cool water and using your hand to make circular motion until you remove the plasma completely. If you will not remove the plasma it will form scabs and it could be painful.

After washing your tattoo, you need to apply lotion or ointment to keep it moist. It depends on you whether to use ointment or lotion, as long as they are non-scented or it does not contain harmful chemicals. Experts recommend that you should not use product with petrolatum as an ingredient since it can draw ink away from the tattoo.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Some people may experience swelling in the feet, this is due to poor circulation and water retention. If you carry an extra weight or have some problem with blood circulation, you are prone of having severe foot swelling. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and your water will let you flush the water instead of keeping it. Elevate your feet and put some ice as needed – you should do this at least an hour a day for one week.

Even if you are elevating your feet, it is still vital to maintain good circulation. The healing process of your tattoo will depend on the blood flow and oxygen distribution. You can do some crunches, leg lifts, arm lifts, leg pumps and others that can do to get your heart beating while reclining.

When to Visit a Doctor

Redness, pain, swelling and bruising are all normal the first few days after having foot tattoos. However, if it hasn’t reduced after 4 or 5 days, or if it worsens, you need to see your doctor. Foot tattoos are susceptible to bacterial infection. They get in contact with a huge number of bacteria since it is near to the ground. If your foot doesn’t get proper circulation, a small infection may turn bad easily.

Healing Period

It normally takes 3 months before your skin completely restore after being tattooed. During the healing period, it builds up millions of cells that cover the ink implanted underneath. Until that period is finished, your tattoo is defenseless. After two weeks of having the tattoo you start wearing shoes if you need to but you can still baby your tattoo. Remove the shoes right away and then wash and treat your tattoo.

Protect your tattoo against the sun and apply strong sunblock if you really need to expose your feet to sunlight. UV rays and friction can still cause fading, so you need to be extra careful for 3 months.

There are factors that you need to consider before having foot tattoo. It is important that you weigh down first the advantage and disadvantage of having the tattoo before you deciding. Keep in mind it will be permanent so make sure that you really want it before going to a tattoo maker.

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