Reducing Diabetic Foot Pain with MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream

The feet are two of the hardest working body parts, so it is important to take good care of them. When the feet are in pain, the rest of the body suffers. Using a moisturizing foot cream loaded with beneficial ingredients is a good way to take care of the feet. For people who suffer from the side effects of diabetes, caring for the feet takes on a whole new level of importance. As diabetes ravages the body, the feet can suffer from nerve issues that create incredible pain. This pain can be debilitating and can prevent people from taking short walks inside of their homes. With a good foot cream, that pain can be decreased, and life can get back to normal.MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream

Helps Soothe Diabetic Foot Pain

MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream is a perfect option for men and women who suffer from diabetes. Even though the foot cream is not designed to cure foot pain, the ingredients do deliver a substantial relief. The two vital ingredients are homeopathic ones called Apis Mellifica and Gnaphalium. Apis Mellifica is taken from honey bees and is used to relieve swelling and to reduce nerve pain; this ingredient is often found in treatments for multiple sclerosis as well as other diabetes programs. Gnaphalium also works to sooth nerve pain. In fact, it is so effective that it is a recommended treatment for people who have debilitating pain from sciatica. The other effective ingredients that help fight pain include eucalyptus oil, camphor, and menthol.

Beneficial Formula for Diabetics

Another helpful quality of this foot cream is that it really does moisturize. There are plenty of foot creams that are greasy and loaded with mineral oils that actually damage the skin. This foot cream only contains ingredients that are healthy, especially for a diabetic body. Because diabetic feet do lose some sensation over time, it is helpful for foot creams to not be greasy. When they are, diabetics run the risk of slipping and falling. MagniLife’s cream quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave a greasy residue. The foot cream is also antibacterial and antifungal Рso there is no risk of developing fungus between the toes. The rich, homeopathic formula is a good product that can be soothingly massaged into the feet. For many diabetics, that added massage helps to relieve pain, too.

Moisturizing Dry Feet

Diabetics also have to worry about the dryness of the skin on their feet. When the skin becomes dry, it cracks. Those cracks can become infected and for diabetics, this can create a serious problem. A good foot cream, like MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream, not only eases pain, but also helps to moisturize dry feet and decrease the possibilities of infection. The ingredients like canola oil and beeswax help to relieve dryness and fill in those cracks. It is important to use this foot cream on a regular basis and it can be very helpful to wear socks, especially the ones with the silicone bottoms, to help the feet have more time to absorb the moisturizing cream. Wearing moisturizing socks can also significantly help soothe dry, cracked heels, too.


MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream comes in a four-ounce tub. The manufacturer recommends applying the foot cream twice per day and to use it on the feet, heels, and toes. The formula is also safe for the legs. It is beneficial to massage it into the skin and to apply as much as needed to get the relief you need.

Reviews and Conclusions

Diabetics who use this cream call it nothing short of a miracle. While it does not cure foot pain or diabetes, it is powerful enough that people who have pain that keeps them from walking find that they can comfortably walk again. Many diabetics who take several medications for pain find that they can cut down those medications because the foot cream soothes so successfully. With the ingredients like eucalyptus oil and camphor, it is does have a rather strong scent – but this is a natural scent, not a manufactured fragrance. Despite, the strong smell many customers have actually found the scent to be part of the benefits of the cream.

Overall, this foot cream is truly one of the best available. The cream helps people with diabetes return to a normalcy where they can walk with reduced pain or no pain at all. It is safe to use and does not have any negative side effects. Not only does the cream help reduce pain, it also moisturizing the feet and heels to reduce the chances of infection from dry, cracked skin. If you have foot and leg pain from diabetic neuropathy, it is time to give MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream a try.

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