How to Make a Foot Cream That Will Be Suitable for You

make a foot creamFoot cream is the most popular, vastly used method of solving foot issues which explains why many people want to know how to make a foot cream that best for them. It solves issues like cracking of the heels of the feet, dry and rough texture of the feet and calluses.

Calluses are areas of thickened, hard skin surfaces that form on the skin and are rough in nature and usually yellow in colour. They form on surfaces of the feet, the heels of the feet or just under the ball of the feet. They also appear on the palms of the hand and knuckles.

Roughness and cracking of the heels of feet is brought about by walking bare feet and being in contact with the bear ground.

For some people it depends on the type and texture of the soil they step on and others the water they use. Calluses are a result of friction and pressure exerted on the feet. Wearing shoes without socks when you have dry skin can be one of the causes of friction.

Foot cream is a trusted remedy in dealing with issues to do with feet and many people always want to know how to make a foot cream. They are known for softening and making the foot surface smooth.

Foot cream moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated. If you decide to carry on with your day without socks, you are sorted by the hydrating factor of foot cream. Apart from foot cream, there are other methods taken up by users. The market has provided pumice stone, electric files and metal blades.

The problem with these three however is the fact that can be sore and painful during the scrubbing process. They can also easily scratch the surface of the feet and lead to bleeding. Foot cream is seen as an easier solution as all it entails is applying and massaging it on the problematic surface at a constant basis as you await the results.

A number of ingredients go into play when formulating how to make a foot cream to bring it into its final packaged product. There are processes available for both commercial production and for domestic production

How to Make That Perfect Foot Cream

Foot cream can be relatively easy or considerably difficult depending on what dimension you choose to look from. Below are guidelines on how to make a foot cream.

The guidelines come with your list of equipment and a step by step procedure. At the end of the day you will rate the ease or the difficulty in making the foot cream.

It is important to note that foot cream should be rich in fats and should be thick enough. The ingredients to be used should be affordable and readily available. Hydration is an important aspect of a foot cream so should be put in mind during the endeavour.


  • Slightly warm organic honey, I cup.
  • Whole milk, one to two table spoons.
  • Orange juice extract from one or half an orange.

Honey helps to trap and seal moisture which is highly needed for hydration. Milk is richly nutrition with vitamin A which is a common denominator for healthy skin. It also repairs and rebuilds broken, cracked skin surfaces. Milk will thin out honey which is very think. Thinning it out will make it easier to apply on the feet.

Oranges are known for vitamin C. Vitamin C in itself is a stimulant for collagen which makes the skin elastic and supple. Application of vitamin C will keep your skin flexibl, allowing you to exert as much pressure as possible without worrying about splitting or cracking.


  • Warm the honey on medium heat to increase its viscosity.
  • Add your two tablespoons of milk to the warm honey and stir.
  • Add the orange juice extract.
  • Stir the mixture to a desired level of thickness.
  • Pour into container then store in a cool and dry place.

That is all there is in the making of foot cream. The ingredients are readily available and affordable. The four step procedure is not as hard to follow either.

You can however gather other ingredients such as peppermint according to your tastes and preferences. Apart from your personal desires, is the issue of allergies to certain ingredients and sensitivity of your skin?


The cream in your container should be kept in a bowl of hot water. The honey in the content increases its susceptibility to solidify or harden.

Keeping it in hot maker makes it easier to spread it. You are supposed to apply your cream onto the intended surfaces of the feet for about 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes you can rinse it off with off water or simply wipe it off with a towel. Apply it twice on a daily basis. If you are going to be walking around, you can cover the applied surfaces with gauze or wear socks.

You can use your foot cream together with a pumice stone, metal blades or electric files, your choice. You scrub off the dead cells from the surface of your skin.

After scrubbing and drying your feet, apply the foot cream and relax waiting patiently for your results. If it doesn’t work, it is advisable to see your medical practitioner.


Foot creams are the perfect remedies for your foot issues and it is thus prudent to know how to make a foot cream. Foot creams will keep you as hydrated as possible preventing drying and eventual cracking or splitting of your skin.

Your Foot cream will give you some soothing, gentle effect that makes your skin smooth and soft as that of a baby. This gives you that confidence, self- esteem boost to put on sandals and open shoes and walk around as comfortably as possible. Another advantage of foot creams is that it works for diabetes patients. It prevents any possible sores or any infection that could potentially form.

Since you are making it at home, you can make it as purely natural as you want to with no synthetic ingredients. It is therefore an assurance of impossible skin irritations or inflammations.

When you know how to make a foot cream it will save your money and time since you won’t have to go from one store to another. This is because you are not limited to a tube or a container, you can make as much as you want to.

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