Method of Treatment by Acupuncture at the Feet of the Chinese

Acupuncture at the Feet of the ChineseThe foot is one of the most complicated parts of the body.

Each foot has 38 bones connected by several muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons and is prone to many stresses.

And because of this, ankle and foot problems are the most common reasons why people visit a doctor. Foot problems may be due to injury, pain or inflammation, thus restricting an individual’s range of motion.

Foot pain is caused by various conditions, most of the time due to improper foot functions or bad posture. Actually, the most prominent reason for having foot problems is a condition known as abnormal pronation, where the foot does not strike and the ground as it is supposed to.

However, there are other factors that can cause foot pain. Improper footwear can worsen or further result to more foot problems. For example, shoes that are too tight can increase stress and pressure, while shoes that are too loose can let the foot rub and slide producing friction. Foot pain can be caused by overuse and exercise.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an old Chinese method of treatment, where puncture and needle pressure is used to specific points on the skin.

The word acupuncture originates from the Latin words Acus which means needle and pungere which means puncture. The treatment was later renamed by European missionaries, who went to China in the later part of the 16th century, and they introduce the Chinese medical treatment with the use of needles.

The discovery of acupuncture is connected to the story of a warrior wounded when hit by an arrow. The wound healed easily after removing the arrow.

It was also noticed that the other ailments the warrior have was healed.

How Does Acupuncture Works?

To further understand what acupuncture is, it is best to know how the treatment works. The treatment process involves subjective and objective sensations. The subjective sensations involve pain and De Qi phenomenon which means deep sensation of numbness, fullness, and pain.

The objective includes analgesia, homeostasis, psychological and immunologic effects and sedation. Based on scientific theories endorphin was released when treatment is applied.

Endorphins are neuropeptides that normally occurs and bind to pain receptors in the brain and thus have strong analgesic effects.

Once the acupressure points are stimulated it releases endorphins, and that is the reason why acupuncture is successful in treating different pain syndromes.

Types of Illnesses that can be Treated by Acupuncture


An injury such as sprain responded well to acupuncture. The pain due to a sprain in the shoulder normally last for days or weeks. After a diagnosis has been made, you can use acupuncture to help relieve pain.

The majority of these acute pains act as a self-limiting disease method. For example, a small burn is very distressing for a few days. If acupuncture is applied to relieve pain then its pain relieving effect is needed only for a few days.


The pain associated with osteoarthritis is a common problem. Studies have been conducted to assess the effects of acupuncture on the pain due to osteoarthritis. Acupuncture works well for others, but for some, they don’t get the same effect.

Based on the clinical trials done on the hip, neck, knee, lower back and elbow pain show that there is a significant pain relief on 70% of the participants who receive acupuncture.


There are lots of factors that cause headaches. Some of which includes dental problems, stress, and tension, head injury, arthritis of the neck and sinusitis.

Acupuncture treatment for headaches may reduce the pain and healed the pain completely.

The relief that resulted from acupuncture can be maintained for many years and re-treatment is needed less frequently for headaches as compared to other conditions like osteoarthritis.


The blood supply to the brain is not normal when a person experienced a stroke. The blood vessels that supplies blood to the brain can be affected.

Scalp and body acupuncture are methods that can be applied to help recover from a stroke. Based on the study done in acupuncture, it helps increase the blood supply in the brain, and thus improved functional ability and serves as a stimulus to help recover after having a stroke.

Anxiety, Depression and Other Nervous System Disorders

There is no clear evidence that acupuncture can actually treat anxiety and depression. In spite of this, there are lots of acupuncturists, provide treatment to different mental disorders with acupuncture.

There are people who have stated that acupuncture is definitely effective in providing relief for insomnia and bed-wetting and makes you feel well as a whole.

Tips on How to Take Care of your Feet Every Day

Taking care of your feet is very important and the best way to keep your feet functioning 100% and healthy is to follow a daily regimen that can make your skin, muscles and bones of your feet performing well. Here are some of the foot care steps that you can apply every day.

Wear comfortable shoes. If you wear the wrong shoes it can affect the various aspects of foot health. Make sure that your shoes will fit perfectly.

Wear shoes that will fit you completely. If you put on shoes that are too tight it may cause corns, hammer toe, ingrown toenails and over all foot pain. Very large shoes can prevent your heel from settling in the right place while walking, causes calluses and blisters.

Your foot bones can be damaged if you wear high heels most of the time. Find the right materials. Synthetics tend to breathe well, store heat and moisture.

Take a Walk. This might look counterintuitive, since walking puts a lot of stress on your feet. The muscles on your feet are similar to the other muscles they also require exercise to remain healthy.

Walking every day will keep those muscles firm and strong and keep the ligaments and tendons flexible.

Keep your feet clean. There are times that we forgot to wash our feet before going to bed. Your feet are susceptible to fungi and bacteria particularly if you always wear closed shoes.

If you don’t wash your feet, you will allow bacteria and fungi accumulate. This will cause unpleasant foul foot odor and maybe it could lead to fungal infections and other problems.

Moisturize Your Feet

The wear and tear your feet experienced will make some areas dry, scaly or cracked. If you are living in a warm, sunny climate it is best to wear sandals often.

Moisturize your feet with a lotion that contains cocoa butter every day. This will make your skin smoother.

Wear Socks

Socks are an important part of your daily foot care regimen. It protects your feet from wear and tear, and can absorb and keep moisture away.

You can use acupuncture in your feet to relieve pain not just on your foot but on the other parts of your body as well.

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