Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream Rough Review – Get Rid of Your Dry Rough Feet

Dry feet can be a disturbing condition which might affect your daily activities. Good thing there are lots of foot cream these days that are very effective in treating dry rough feet and help bring back their more supple state. Each foot cream contains special ingredients that make them different from each other. Choosing the right one can be tricky, but the good news is that you will surely find one for your specific. The brand Neutrogena may sound familiar because it has been on the market for many years now. You might have used some of their products but how good they are at formulating foot cream. This review will show you that they are good not just on manufacturing beauty products but on foot creams as well. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream for Dry Rough Feet

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream Descriptions

Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream provides immediate relief for even the most severe condition of dryness and roughness of your feet. The product is highly recommended for calluses and dry heels as the formula provide moisturization with daily use. The cream can restore skin’s softness and it prevents dry patches from returning. Even with a small amount of it can provide softer and smoother feeling. The Neutrogena Norwegian was created to keep your feet protected against some of the harshest weather. The product is formulated well to work effectively on your skin. This foot cream wraps your skin in concentrated levels of glycerin complex to treat dry skin.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream Active Ingredients

The product is known for having a concentrated formula and is glycerin-rich where it gets most of its effectiveness. Glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer and enhances your feet suppleness.

It also contains Keratin Amino Acids that is a powerful moisturizer. It replaces the lost moisture thus keeping your skin properly hydrated and protected.

The cream also has allantoin, tocopheryl, and menthol which make it even more effective in keeping your skin smooth and healthy.

How it Works?

When your hand gets dry, you attend to it right away because others can easily notice it. But if it is your feet that become dry, you give less attention and sometimes ignore it since you can hide it. Your feet and your hand should receive the same treatment since they are both part of your body. You need to provide the proper care for your feet on a regular basis. It is best to apply Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream on your feet every night before going to bed and wake up with fresh feet. Allowing the cream to stay on your feet overnight will hasten its effect.

The Benefits of Using Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

If you use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream you will enjoy the many benefits it can provide. The cream is effective in soothing dry feet as it helps reduce discomfort due to dryness. It protects your feet against foot infections if you have cracked soles and heels. The cream also helps repair hard skin. The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream softens hard skin and restores your feet skin to its normal smooth feel.

Downside of Neutrogena Foot Cream

Neutrogena is known to be an expensive brand so expect that this one also cost higher as compared to other foot creams. However, the brand assures you that it is worth it.

Reviews from Previous Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream Users

Some users complain about the consistency of the product. According to one user, it is slippery when applied which provides an uncomfortable feeling. The product is available online; however, there are some online stores that might require you to pay the shipping cost.

Who Can Use the Product?

The product is not just intended for dry feet, it can also keep your soles healthy and supple. This moisturizing cream can bring back the normal condition of your soles and heels. Although this product is not recommended for those with severe cases of cracked soles and open wounds, you can still use it after treating and healing the wounds. You can use this product even if you have smooth and healthy feet as maintenance.

Special Precautions

The foot cream is applied topically. In the case of accidental intake, seek medical help right away. Keep out the reach of the children. Store the foot cream in a cool and dry place at room temperature or below.

Alternative Products

As compared to other products Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream is quite pricier but they are known for high-quality moisturizing creams and lotion, so does it justify its price? Definitely yes, if you use products with less quality you tend to purchase more tubes. Unlike if you use a good quality product, one tube is enough to treat your dry, cracked soles.


Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream is highly recommended not just for those with dry rough feet, but also for those who want to keep their feet protected and healthy. You will not go wrong with this brand since it is known for many high-quality products and has been in the market for many years. It is best to include Neutrogena foot cream on your nightly regimen for proper foot maintenance. Together with proper hygiene and the right product, you will have healthier feet.

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