Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution Heals Dry Cracked Feet Review

Nu Skin's Foot Cream Sole SolutionMany people do not care about the overall health and hygiene of their feet. If you have dry feet and cracked heels, your daily tasks and activities will be affected.

You may also be at risk for developing diseases when your feet are not in their good condition. To become confident about having an optimal health, taking care of the feet should be included in your routine.

Of course, you need to avail the best foot cream for this in order to pamper your feet with the best massage.

Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution Descriptions

This foot cream is a moisturizer, but it is also more than that. It goes beyond moisturization to turning your feet into their full health. It particularly has the ability to rejuvenate the skin on your feet, restoring its overall health. The product specifically targets areas of the foot such as the toes, heels, and soles.

What makes this product worthy to be purchased and tried is the fact that it is made up of amazing ingredients such as the crushed Allspice berry or Pimento dioica. This content is resourced by the indigenous people in Central America and they use it to aid the redness and dryness of their skin, toes, heels, and the sides of their feet.

Other than that, this foot cream also includes Papain, a proteolytic enzyme that comes from papaya. This content gets rid of thick, patchy dry feet and dead skin.

How it Works

Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution becomes effective when you apply it on your feet, specifically the area where you find dryness, cracks, and patches. It focuses on making your feet feel relaxed and in a good condition. This product could be a great help especially if you often use your feet for work and for attending daily tasks and activities.

Benefits of Using Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution

If you have rough, dry, and cracked feet, you may benefit a lot from Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution. This product contains ingredients that will help nourish the skin on your feet, making it soft, smooth, and healthy. You will find relief after the first few weeks of using it.

Most people always complain about the dead skin on their toes, but when using this product, a noticeable effect will be apparent. It makes the dead cell buildup become soft and callus-free.

What’s even great about Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution is that it doesn’t contain any fragrance. Its allspice berry is already enough. Plus, you don’t have to worry about acquiring allergic reactions since it is safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.

Downside of Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution

This product may not appeal to all customers especially for budget buyers since it may be a bit expensive. However, its price explains its quality which gives such a satisfying effect to the users.

Reviews from Previous Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution Customers

The majority of the customers who bought and used this product were satisfied with Nu Skin’s result. They say that the first few days of using it promised to heal on their cracked, dry, and peeling skin on their feet.

After several weeks of using, their feet became softer and thankfully no dry, broken skin was spotted.

Some customers, however, didn’t feel the satisfaction after using this product. According to them, it didn’t do anything much on their feet. For them, it wasn’t a worthy investment for an expensive price and they think that there were no significant results after using it.

Who can Use Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution?

Anyone who experienced foot discomfort can use this solution. If you have dry, cracked feet, then you may benefit from this product.

If your feet is in a good condition, on the other hand, you can still use it to maintain their condition and to relieve them from daily stress.

Special Precautions

Always take note that this product should only be applied topically. It should NOT be taken orally. Keep this product away from children’s reach and keep it in a cool, dry place where there is room temperature.

Alternative Products

Compared to other products, Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution is a bit more expensive. However, its quality and efficient result speak for its price.

There are many products that are way less expensive but users can never be guaranteed that they’ll get the results that they wanted and expected. With Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution, you may be paying extra bucks, but the way it absolutely gives relief to your feet is priceless.


For people with dry, patchy, inflamed, and cracked feet, Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution is one of the products to keep an eye on. Its quality is noted to be great.

Many reviewers attest to its wonderful effects to their feet and with that, this product is a highly recommended one.

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