OKeeffes Healthy Creme – Getting Rid of Feet Dryness

If your work requires using your feet most of the time you may have some problems like sore or cracked soles then you could not be able to perform your tasks well. Some people pay less attention to their feet since it is not as visible as compared to their face or hands. If you have big calluses or very dry soles and heels, you seldom act right away. You will only attend to your feet if they are giving you trouble and discomfort. The healing time for severe cases of cracked and overly dry soles and heels may take longer to restore. But, if you take care of your feet regularly, there is less possibility that you will have such condition.  Using the right foot cream can help you a lot in keeping your feet smooth, healthy and hydrated.

OKeeffes Healthy Creme Descriptions

The OKeefes Foot Cream contains a high concentration of glycerin that attracts and keeps moisture, which is needed for hydrated and healthy skin. Healthy Feet foot cream also contains more nourishing ingredient, like allantoin that helps penetrate thicker and rough skin on your feet. The product is safe and effective even for users with diabetes. The good thing about this product is that it works fast. After several days of applying the cream, you will see the result right away.

OKeeffes Healthy Creme Active Ingredients

OKeefes contains high concentration of glycerin. This ingredient can draw and keeps the moisture in keeping your feet healthy and hydrated. It also contains a high level of Allantoin as compared to other foot creams. Allantoin has the capability to penetrate even the thickest and roughest skin on your soles and heels. The OKeefes Healthy Feet also contains other ingredients like Ammonium Borate, Stearic Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea and others.

How it Works?

This odorless and non-greasy foot cream can provide results within a few days of applying it. Apply the cream after taking a bath, as this is the most effective time for moisturizing the extremely dry skin. Follow the 3-step process in applying as indicated in the product’s label to help reduce the dead cells and damaged skin that leaves a soft and silky skin. This product is one of the bestselling products not only because it is cost-effective, but it is also very effective.

The Benefits of Using OKeefes Healthy Creme

The OKeefes Cream is very effective in moisturizing dry, cracked soles and heels. The product is effective and safe even for users with diabetes. It is odorless, concentrated formula that hydrates the skin, adjusting the PH and help retains the moisture. The cream is pack in an easy to squeeze tube. This foot cream is very affordable.

Downside of OKeefes Healthy Foot Cream

There is no negative report about this product.

Reviews from Previous OKeefes Foot Cream Users

The product is very helpful particularly for those who are working using their feet most of the time. Most of the OKeefes foot cream users are happy with the result after several days of applying the product. Based on the testimonial of one of the OKeefes users the cracks are healed, and the soreness caused by it is gone. The roughness is likewise reduced.

Who Can Use the Product?

OKeeffes Foot Cream is formulated for those individuals with severe cases of cracking.  After several days of applying the cream, you will notice some positive changes on the affected area, a clear indication that the cream is working. Unlike other foot creams, you will have to wait for weeks or even months before you can see the result. If you hate oily and greasy creams, OKeefes Healthy Feet Foot Cream is the best choice because it has the right consistency.

Special Precautions

The color of the Okeefes cream container is very attractive that your children might play with it. Make sure that you store it in a dry and safe place away from the reach of your children. For accidental intake, contact medical help right away.

Alternative Products

There are lots of different foot creams that are competing for the top spot. All of them are claiming that they are the best among the rest. The demand for the foot cream is increasing because of the increasing number of individuals with dry, cracked soles and heels. Okeefes Healthy Feet Foot Cream has an edge over the other foot creams because it contains a high percentage of glycerin which is known to be very effective in moisturizing the skin.


Is Okeefes Foot Cream worth your money? Absolutely yes, the product is not as expensive as compared to other effective products, but the result it can provide is amazing. There is no truth to what others are saying that if you purchase a cheap product the result is also cheap or bad. This foot cream can prove to you that quality is not dependent on price. If you are tired of using your old foot cream that does not provide the result that you want, this is the best option for you. The product is safe for users with diabetes. A number of dermatologists recommend this product in treating dry, cracked soles and heels.

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