Practicing Good Foot Care at Home: 7 Quick Tips

Our feet are the ones that do all the hard work. With all the walking and running we do every day, they are basically our body’s laborers. We tend to easily disregard them by not always taking care of them. And while they are easily neglected, they become callused and injured. That’s why we need to pay a little more respect to them and put them away from these conditions. How do you take care of your feet? You probably opt for spa treatments and pedicure because they are convenient and they save you all the work. But don’t you know that you can do it yourself, at the comfort of your own home? Foot care at home is basically one of the easiest ways to treat your feet right. Nothing is absolutely better than taking care of them firsthand. Apart from the fact that it is easy to perform, doing it at home will also save you money because apparently it is not as expensive as letting someone at the spa do it for you. Below are the quick tips on how to take care of your precious little feet and what you can gain from them.Foot Care at Home

1. Pamper your feet with a good soak

Taking care of your feet always begins with soaking. This treats and softens the dead skin on your feet. Many foots spa centers practice this method first thing before getting into the pedicure session because it does not only soften the dead skin on your feet, it also creates a soothing and relaxing sensation. To do this, you need a warm water for a foot bath. You can add a spoon of tea tree oil, too. Tea tree oil relieves athlete’s foot as well as burning, scaling, inflammation, and itching. You can also add a witch hazel on your bath to treat cuts and bruises and Epsom salts to remove bad odor and to relieve achy feet.

2. Scrub off your feet’s dead skin

After soaking your feet for about ten minutes, you proceed by scrubbing off the dead skin. At this point, you can expect the skin on your feet to be already soft, so this method will be expectedly easy to do. Now, you may ask if you need exfoliants to do this. The answer is, not necessarily. You can opt for the cheaper, easily accessible ones for this, such as sugar and almond oil. These things basically do the smoothening of your dead skin, allowing you to scrub them off easily. To do the scrubbing, you have to start at the tough portions around your heels. Once they are done, proceed scrubbing all the way up to your toes. Make sure to do it in gentle circular motion.

3. Get rid of your calluses

Calluses are our feet’s worst enemies. In order to keep them away from calluses, make use of pumice stones. These stones easily remove calluses without causing you much pain. To perform this, wet the pumice stone and rub it on the wet calluses using mild to moderate pressure. Remember to not do it roughly and take off too much skin as it can lead to bleeding and infection. Do this method for about two to three minutes. Ideally, you should perform this every day in order to totally treat your feet. However, this method may not be ideal for people with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, or peripheral arterial disease. If you have any of these conditions, you need to consult your doctor first before performing this method. If you don’t want to use pumice stones though, you can opt for over-the-counter callus removers which can be bought at drug stores and convenient stores.

4. Start paying attention to your nails.

Now that your feet is clean and dead-skin-free, you may now proceed to attending to your nails. Thick, crusted nails are one of our huge dilemmas. This happens when the nails are infected by fungus which gives them a white or yellowish spot. To aid this, you need to make use again of your tea tree oil. You may mix it together with an orange oil and grapeseed oil. Using a cotton ball, soak in the mixture and apply it on your affected nails. You can do this for about 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day—specifically morning and evening. And of course, make sure that your nails are properly trimmed using your nail cutters. They shouldn’t be too long and too short.

5. Keep your feet dry

Apparently, a dry feet is a clean feet so make sure to keep them this way while you are working or doing your usual stuffs. Remember that sweaty feet smells bad.

6. Wear the right footwear for a certain occasion

We usually take our feet for granted by wearing the wrong footwear at some occasions. Always make sure to wear something that makes your feet feel comfortable and safe from accidents. Keep your feet dry and clean by wearing the right shoe or sandal. Wearing something that is too tight and small for your size, on the other hand, also causes your feet to develop calluses and corn, so make sure to wear something that is designed to fit the size of your feet.

7. Keep your feet away from fungus and bacteria

To get rid of fungus and bacteria, stay away from places which have a lot of these things such as showers in locker rooms and public places. Make sure to step on these areas with proper protection on your feet. Wear shower shoes or flip flops and more importantly, do not share your footwear with other persons.

Doing a foot care at home is really a great way to tend to your feet. It’s simple to perform and the things that are needed are easily accessible. No need to go to spas and salons because you can do it all yourself. By performing the tips we’ve shown above every now and then, you can be the very best caretaker of your own precious feet.

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