How to Take Care of Kids’ Feet: 8 Tips

People of all age, most especially children, develop some foot problems. From injuries to growth problems and ingrown toenails, kids are prone to this dilemma. It is in this stage when they are actively involved in different sports and activities, thus they are prone to injury. That’s why parents need to be aware on how to manage this problem so as to keep their feet healthy and it perfect condition. When it comes to children’s foot care, you have to know that their needs are different from those of adults. Their feet continue to actively grow and develop that’s why you should be careful not to diagnose and over-analyze if you notice something that is not quite normal. One of the biggest problems parents face with their children is finding out the difference between normal development and abnormal conditions. Each child has different developmental milestones at different times. In this matter, you need to seek a physician or pediatrician’s advice especially when you notice some foot and ankle problems of any kind. These things need to be prevented and treated. Remember, early prevention is always the best thing that a parent should take note and take into action. Here are the foot care tips for kids that parents can include in their intervention.

Take Care of Kids’ Feet

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Regularly talk to your kid and ask him if he feels any pain in his body, more specifically in his feet. Also do a check-up on his feet and note for presence of bumps, redness, plantar warts, itchy bits, blisters, and cuts. As they go to school every day and perform different activities, some unavoidable instances like getting wounds, sprains, allergies, bruises, and other problems may happen so it is better to be aware of them so you can tend to him and you can refer his problems to your physician. The conditions that are mentioned above should not be taken for granted and they should be reported to your pediatrician.

1. For ingrown toenails prevention, cut the nails straight across. This is the way to get rid of ingrown. Remember that ingrown toenails can be very painful for everyone. If they are not treated early, they can lead to infections. Apart from preventing ingrown toenails, trimming the nails properly will also prevent your kid from other reactions like pain, swelling, and redness.

2. For plantar warts, treat it by applying a salicylic acid. Salicylic acid can be bought over the counter. You can also ask for a physician’s prescription for this.

3. Keep your child’s feet and toenails clean. It is very important to keep your child’s feet and nails well taken care of because it will also keep them away from infection—both fungal and bacterial. How will you clean your child’s feet and nails? First, you need to thoroughly wash his feet when you are about to bath him. Next, dry them well between the toes using a towel. Take note that not properly drying his feet may lead to athlete’s foot which causes unpleasant smell. Athlete’s foot, by the way, is a foot condition that develops when there’s moisture on the foot’s skin.

4. Choose well-fitting and comfortable shoes for your child. Too tight and too loose shoes are a dilemma. They may create blisters, corns, and calluses and they may also lacerate his toe. Make sure to choose something that fits well on him and offers him comfort. You have to measure his feet every time because a kid’s body tends to grow faster, including the feet. Better yet, find a shop with a professional shoe-fitter who can very much help you get exactly the right size for your kid.

5. To keep your kid’s feet dry, make sure that he is wearing socks while his shoes are on. Also check if his shoes are dry and well-aired. If he is going to wear them the next day, hang them at night to keep them dry. Wet feet create moisture which will lead to Athlete’s foot.

6. You have to make sure that your kid does not go outside barefoot. Kids love to experience adventure by walking without any shoes on and this will surely create a big problem. Keep him away from foreign objects that may damage his foot by making sure that his slippers or shoes are on while he’s playing outside. Also look around and check if there are any needles, glass, and sharp objects on the ground. They are considered a threat for injury.

7. When your child has cuts and scrapes, wash it with soap and water, cover it, and treat it religiously. Using a betadine solution, the wound should be infection-free until it is completely healed.

8. Teach your kid on how to take care of his feet. Show him how to wash his feet properly and how to cut his toenails. Explain to him the reasons why he needs to maintain clean toes and short, well-trimmed toenails. Educating your child about foot hygiene is the most basic and important thing that you can do as a parent. This is the time when kids are most eager to learn about their body, so make use of this opportunity. Aside from making them aware of how important it is to have clean feet, doing this will also encourage bonding between you and him.

These foot care tips for kids are very essential in order to keep your child’s feet healthy and safe. Children love to go around and play and they are not aware of the harm that will potentially happen to their feet so as a parent, you need to take better precautions. Knowing how to take care of their feet, you will feel assured that they will not experience the foot problems mentioned above. Feet are so important that taking care of them is really a must. Remember, a child with clean and healthy feet is a happy kid. Just be sure, as a whole, to allow their feet to develop naturally as possible.

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