Taking Care of Your Feet by Using Socks in the Right Way

Socks are very important. They are a piece of clothing that protects our feet from abrasions, cuts, and perspiration. However, we pay little attention to them. While they are very important for our feet’s comfort, don’t you know that foot problems such as Athelete’s foot, smelly feet, redness, irritations, rashes, swelling, allergies, and other foot conditions may sometimes be caused by dirty socks? People with foot problems may want to live in another person’s shoes, but really, it’s their socks that needs to be checked. When you feel itching in your feet, it may be because of a lot of things but the socks that you are wearing might be one of them. There are chemical properties these socks may have undergone before it went out to the market which can potentially cause allergic reactions to your sensitive feet, so it is good to really take care of foot by using socks in the right way. Check them out first before you consider them as your shoe buddies. Here, you will find out why you need to be meticulous of the socks that you are wearing. Find out how they can either provide you comfort and safety or make your feet feel horrible. Now why do socks matter?Your Feet by Using Socks

  1. When you are using socks that are conventional with elastic qualities, these may possibly give you allergic reactions. These socks are made of proteins that may give your immune system unpleasant allergic reactions including rashes, inflammation, and itchiness. You might also specifically have contact dermatitis wherein your feet swells and starts to feel irritated.
  2. You shouldn’t just be aware of the sock’s properties and qualities. You also need to keep in mind that it is also very important to change your socks every day after using a pair. A clean pair of socks helps you get away with infection and foot problems. This will also keep your feet comfortable and free from itchiness.
  3. Having well-made and well-designed socks not only keep your feet from infection and other foot problems but it also generally gives you overall health benefits.
  4. When you wear the right socks, you are also assured that you are safe from getting injuries.
  5. And of course, a good pair of socks makes your feet feel comfortable, cool, and dry. Nothing is better than being comfortable while walking and doing your normal every day activities with ease.

What are the types of socks, anyway? Below are the different kinds of socks that are intended for specific users:

Walking socks

These are socks that offer enough cushioning. They have moisture-wicking properties and they are designed for fitness walkers.

Running socks

These socks have very little padding. This is because some runners prefer socks with less paddings to better fit in their shoes.

Athletic socks

These are socks that are traditional white in color and appear gym-esque. They are intended for cross-trainers and runners. When it comes to their cushioning, they have minimal overall bulk.

Casual socks

If you are more inclined to casual things and getaways, then these socks are made for you. These socks are lightweight and simple when it comes to their designs. In particular, they are made of performance fabrics such as merino wool.

Lightweight hiking socks

These socks are intended for hikers especially those with high-volume feet. They keep the moisture away and they offer comfortable cushioning in the heel and the ball of the foot. Usually they are thin especially on their top portion and they can be worn with or without liner socks.

Mountaineering socks

Apparently designed for mountain climbers, these kinds of stocks are extremely thick and they have extra bulk and padding that are designed for rough events and challenging adventures.

Ski and snowboard socks

These socks have padded shin. They are thin and they are not intended to provide warmth to the owner. You will find it beneficial if you are looking for a pair of socks that will bring you protection from pressure points.

Midweight backpacking socks

These socks are great for hikers with low-volume feet because they provide good fit to them. They are also designed with enough amount of paddings in the heel and the ball of the foot.

Now here are some of the tips that you should consider before purchasing a pair of socks:

  1. When you have finally chosen a pair of socks, do not buy it immediately. Try it first and see if it is comfortable enough and not too tight for your feet size. Also make sure that you are comfortable with the socks’ texture and that the pair is cool to the sensation.
  2. If you are someone who performs sports, make sure that the socks that you have chosen are specifically designed for athletes.
  3. When checking out the quality of the socks, look for presence of high thread count. Thread count is a denser socks repel moisture and its purpose is to protect the feet for a longer amount of time.
  4. When checking the socks, also look if there is presence of reinforced heel and toe.
  5. Take note that socks should also have cushion sole support.
  6. Do not forget to check if the socks have the same size with your feet. It is very important to find a pair of properly fitting shoes in order to prevent your feet from injuries. Remember that poorly fitting socks can risk you for blisters, abrasions, calluses, and other unpleasant reactions because they create moisture. Also make sure that your feet can reach the seam as well as the heel paddling hitting the heel in their proper places. Socks which have poor cushioning give problems for athletes that need pounding feet on pavement.

Choosing the right socks for your feet is a bit tedious but it is really important because it assures better foot health. Take care of foot by using socks in the right way, because it is simply the ideal thing to do.

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