Tips to Keep Your Hands and Feet Healthy During Summer

Feet Healthy During SummerDon’t you notice too that many people pay attention to their faces, necks, and hairs during summer season and forget about their hands and feet?

Oh, so you’re guilty too!

During summer, outdoor temperature soars, and because it the perfect time to head to the beach, you intentionally and unknowingly bare your hands and foot to the scorching heat of the sun without any protection.

Think about walking barefoot on the shore or wearing sleeveless clothes, which both can bring about damage to the skin on your hands and feet. Perhaps some would say that they wear closed shoes, but may we ask how cramped they make your feet feel? When this is the case, your feet sweat a lot, making it more prone to blisters, fungal infection, psoriasis, and smelly feet.

That’s not all!

The harmful UV rays of the sun causes sunburns, rashes, and can even contribute to skin cancer.

Now, what should you do to keep your hands and feet healthy and nice during the hot weather?

Proper Caring for the Hands

There are simple to meticulous ways of taking care of your hands properly especially during the warmer months.

1. Use Sunscreen

Even before you get plagued with those red, itchy rashes on your arms and hands, it is best to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 before you go outdoors.

2. Apply a Lightweight Moisturizer

Each night after your cleansing ritual, apply a lightweight moisturizer that is infused with mint and coconut milk extracts. This will cool your skin and reduce the tanning of your arms, making you feel instantly refreshed. Be sure to wash your armpits too with antibacterial soap to prevent the buildup of germs causing body odors. Likewise, always wear a deodorant.

3. Use Hand Cream

It is advisable that you use hand cream with emollient plant oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

4. Use Mittens for Hands

Who says that mittens are only for the winter season? You can also use it during summer when the heat of the sun is usually unbearable. These will protect your hands from being burned under the heat of the sun.

5. Scrub Your Hands

Exfoliation should always be part of your skin care regimen so you always get rid of dead skin cells. Scrub your hands with commercially available scrubs or homemade scrubs at least once a week to rejuvenate its soft, youthful feel.

6. Mind Your Elbows

A lot of us tend to neglect our elbows, which is the apparent reason why they are darker than the rest of our body parts. Dead skin cells build up the longer   we don’t pay attention to it. To make it even-toned and soft, rub a slice of lemon on each elbow every two days. You can also substitute coconut oil, mustard oil, or lime.

Doing this will exfoliate the dead skin cells on your elbows and bring out the younger, softer layer of your skin.

7. Trim Your Fingernails Regularly

Your hand care regimen won’t be complete without regular trimming of your fingernails. Do it once a week or depending on the growth rate of your nails.

8. Have Regular Manicures

Why not head to the salon to add quick glam to your hands? Not only will nail polish look good on your hands, but the cuticles will be removed too!

Proper Caring for the Feet

Just like your hands, there are also proven ways to keep your feet nice and happy.

1. Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet before bedtime is an important foot care ritual. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add Epsom salt. Soak your feet in the solution for a couple of minutes. This will instantly soothe tired and aching feet.

2. Put on Some Lotion

Applying some lotion to your legs down to your feet after your nightly cleansing ritual will also do them a lot of good. You will wake up the next day with softer skin on your legs and feet.

3. Apply Sunscreen

You can use the same sunscreen with SPF 30 that you use for your hands before you head outdoors for extra protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

4. Exfoliate

Just like your elbows, your knees are also parts of your body that are paid with    little to no attention. Exfoliate at least once a week to remove the accumulated dead skin cells and give way to softer, fairer skin.

5. Massage

A foot massage is a good way to wrap the evening. Once done with your cleansing ritual, apply your favorite lotion, foot cream or petroleum jelly on each foot. Start massaging one foot by holding it firmly between your hands. Beginning at the top of your foot, massage it gently in circular motions using your thumb from your toes to your ankle.

Do the same to the bottom of your foot starting at the toes to your heel. Simply repeat everything with the other foot.

6. Get a Pedicure

A mani-pedi goes well together so why not have a pedicure too? Having one will also assure you that your ingrown is completely removed unlike if you will just do it yourself. Just remember to let your feet breathe after each pedicure schedule, let’s say a             week or two, before you have it attended again.

Final Tips

These are just simple ways that you can do regularly to keep your hands and feet nice and healthy. Likewise, always remember that proper hydration plays a huge role too in keeping your skin healthy. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your body, including your hands and feet hydrated from the inside especially during summer season.

Generally, taking care of your entire body doesn’t require specific seasons. It is actually a year-round responsibility to oneself. After all, you are the only person who will take advantage of having properly-cared hands and feet, which are the most used and abused parts of our body.

So, give them the kind of treatment that they deserve!

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